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What is the Accel-RF Knowledge Base?

This knowledge base forum is designed to be a user-friendly, self-guided resource for answering all of your industry related questions.

In order to better serve our customers we have decided to implement a knowledge base forum for a quick, self-guided resource for solving industry-related problems and gaining a better understanding of equipment and operational processes.

Within the Accel-RF knowledge base you will see an article and video library discussing topics related to equipment trouble-shooting, system operation how-tos, FAQs and much more.

In addition to our knowledge base library you will also have access to our "SUBMIT A SUPPORT TICKET" function. If you’re not able to find the answer to your question in the knowledge base forum, simply submit a support ticket request for individualized guidance and feedback.

Submitting a ticket can help solve issues related to hardware, software, billing and feature requests.