How do I Remove or Install a PCU Module?

Watch this video for instructions on how to remove or install a PCU module.

Procedure for Removing or Installing a PCU Module:

The Accel-RF PCUHCU chassis box is equipped with front loading modules that contain the system DC bias supplies.

In each chassis, there is one front-end PFC module and between one and six PCUHCU modules, which regulate and control the bias to each DUT.

This front loading approach is desirable as it allows replacements to be easily swapped in when necessary but there is a specific turn-on/turn-off sequence that must be followed when making any of these exchanges to prevent damage to the units.

Part 1 – Removing a Module:

These modules cannot be “hot swapped” so the entire system must be idle in order to remove or install a module.

The first step is to stop all active testing in the Lifetest software. If any channels are running, stop the testing in the Lifetest Monitor and then exit out of the software entirely.

The next step is to power down all of the individual PCUHCU modules in the chassis that will be affected. Do not just power off the module that you will be removing.

After the PCUHCU modules are off, the PFC module is powered off as well. Most PFC modules have a similar breaker switch that can be easily shut off. If you can’t see a visible breaker switch, make sure to also take a look under the shroud cover if one is installed, as the switch might be behind there.

Some PFC models do not have a breaker switch, in which case you can move right to the next step, which involves powering off the correct PDU breaker switches.

Review the PDU Map included with the system and find the breakers that power the PCU chassis you are powering down.

Turn off the appropriate PDU Breakers to completely remove AC power to the chassis.

With power completely removed, you can now loosen the two mounting screws holding the module in place. Use the handle to pull the module out.

Part 2 – Installing a Module

With the system idle and the chassis powered down as described in Part 1, you are now able to install a module into the system.

Slide the module in fully until it is flush with the front panel of the chassis and then tighten the two mounting screws.

Turn on the PDU Breakers that provide AC power to the PCU chassis. Refer to the PDU Map if there is any question on which breakers to turn on.

Turn on the PFC using the black rocker switch if your PFC is equipped with one.

Now, turn on the PCUHCU module rocker switches, one by one. As each switch is turned on, the LED indicators will turn on and then run through a power-on sequence. This is a diagnostic test that will repeat for every module after it is switched on.

Once all modules are powered on, you are now ready to resume testing in the system.

Launch the LifeTest software to resume operation.

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