How do I Prepare Files for My Support Ticket?

If you are submitting a support ticket for hardware or software issues, you'll need to submit 3 files.

Please follow instructions in the below video for preparing files for a support ticket submission for hardware or software issues.

How to Prepare Files to Submit a Support Ticket:

Before you initiate a support ticket related to a software issue, we request that you copy three key files from your system that will be sent to our support team.

The three files are the data folder where all the device measurements are recorded for a particular channel.

The system folder, which contains all the configuration and calibration info. It allows us to virtually recreate your system locally on our computers and to better help troubleshoot the issue.

The final one is the system log file. This is the text file that we examined in the previous video, which allows us to see the logged events and interpret them.

To locate these files, go to your computer's C drive, open the life directory, here you will see the system folder and the log file. Add both of those to a zip file and move that file to your desktop.

Next, go into the data folder and find the specific folders relevant to the support issue. Copy those to the same zip file.

Once you initiate a support request, you can share these files with Accel-RF support directly through our ticketing system.

After your support request has been initiated and you've sent these files, a member of the Accel-RF support team will be in contact with you.

Start the SUBMIT A SUPPORT TICKET process.